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SIP trunking is the new technology of choice for UK businesses that have outgrown their outdated ISDN service.

BT recently announced they are switching off ISDN by 2025 and may even stop taking any orders for ISDN (including additional lines for existing ISDN customers) as early as next year… so there has never been a better time to make the move to an efficient, future proof and cost effective solution for your business’s lines and calls. Click here for more information.


A SIP Trunk is a cost-effective means of connecting a phone system (PBX) to the outside world to make and receive telephone calls using an internet connection, whilst providing features and benefits that complement the existing features of the phone system.

SIP Trunks are

  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Portable
  • Reliable

When coupled with a SIP Trunk, Premise based telephone systems provide the peace of mind of a tangible asset that is future proofed for years to come whilst still enjoying the advantages of ever evolving technology.


We like to keep our pricing simple, so from just £7.50 per trunk you get all the following included:

  • Inclusive Minutes
    Up to 1000 inclusive UK Local & National minutes and unlike most SIP providers we don’t mind how you use them. Use them however you want with no hidden caveats or costs!
  • Call Recording for 12 months
    Call recording is a powerful feature mostly used for quality and training purposes but also very useful when it comes to dispute resolution, compliance and legal requirements.
  • Real Time Online Stats and Reporting
    Our online self-servicing portal gives you access to an array of live MI statistics and reports on your call activity, helping you to measure and improve performances to ultimately deliver a better customer experience. Access online from anywhere in the world real time reports on a per user or per department basis.
  • Fraud Monitor
    Annual global telecom fraud costs in excess of £25.5 billion. For more information click here.
    Our Fraud Monitor service gives you additional peace of mind along with access to various tools and restrictions for every SIP trunk service, limiting your exposure to fraudulent activities and Cyber crime. 24/7 x 365 monitoring with the ability to set call limits and automatic call barring.
  • Secure Online Portal
    Accessible from anywhere, anytime. Access call recordings, stats, call queues and auto attendant.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Access all your numbers network level which means you are in control should a disaster strike, snow, flood, staff shortages, BT cable or cabinet damage… access your numbers from anywhere, point to an alternative number and click OK for an instant divert! No more calling and waiting for your provider to set one up for you. You control when you switch it on and off. No time or internet access? Just call us and we will do it instantly for you.



For a small additional cost, you can also add the following features:

  • Live Wallboards (Free activation, £35 per month thereafter)
    Available with FREE activation, our free web-based wallboard solution is a powerful product. Typically used in call centre and sales environments, it displays real time call statistics, which represents highly valuable data when it comes to Service Levels and customer experience. Use live data to measure performance in real time, increase productivity and sales and further enhance your customer experience.
  • Auto Attendant and IVR (£6.00 per layer, per month)
    Configure multi layered IVR’s within minutes via our online self-servicing portal and upload audio recordings straight into the system. Auto Attendant helps to ensure efficient call distribution to the correct department, manage call peaks, improve staff efficiency and productivity, project a professional image while again enhancing your customer experience.
  • Call Queuing (Free Activation, £3.00 per position, per month)
    A sophisticated queuing system that allows businesses to accept more calls into their PBX than they have employees capable of answering them. Up to 99 calls can be queued allowing your business to handle more calls without increasing overheads, avoid losing calls, project a more professional image and most importantly improve your customers experience.
  • PCI Compliance Call Recording Module (£100 Activation, £30 per month)
    Take card payments over the phone? This module allows you to pause the recordings while sensitive information is taken, keeping you compliant.


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What is a SIP Trunk?
A SIP Trunk is a cost-effective means of connecting a phone system (PBX) to the outside world to make and receive telephone calls using an internet connection, whilst providing features and benefits that complement the existing features of the phone system.
What do I need?
Just a compatible phone system. We can provide everything needed as a complete package for ease of management and support, including dedicated or shared Broadband and the underlying analogue line. Alternatively, you can use an existing internet connection.
Can I keep my existing phone numbers?
Yes. We can port existing incoming telephone numbers from nearly all UK networks.
Can I get new phone numbers?
We can provide UK geographic telephone numbers in 99% of STD codes. These are requested via our portal and are live within 24hrs.
How long does it take to set-up?
SIP Trunks are live within 24 hours of placing an order, not weeks like ISDN or analogue.
What if I move premises?
No problem. A great advantage of SIP Trunks is that we can provide service at any location with a suitable internet connection. This does not have to be within the same exchange area or STD code of your current phone numbers. This makes premises moves easy and stress free… we simply pick up the PBX, move it, and plug it in at the new location and calls will continue seamlessly.

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